Today is the release of The Reaction Engine version 3. Once again this is a complete rewrite from the ground up, and another (probably failed) attempt to improve visual appeal. Other changes of interest

  • Results from multiple search engines are back
  • Results pages now utilise tabs to make information more easily accessible
  • A unique keyword density algorithm
  • Troubleshooting tests
  • Totally different scoring (needs some tweaking though!)
  • Oh, and this ‘ere blog has been started

Of course, change is not usually well received, but hopefully the changes have addressed many of the common failings of earlier versions of the tool.

The next major features on the todo list are:

  • An instant white label, so site owners can easily brand the tool as their own
  • Download reports in CSV format

As always, all comments are well received, be they positive or otherwise ;)

Well, what are you waiting for? Go SEO analyse!

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  1. lukeyb Says:

    hi just wondering if you could put a document on your site with the ideal word counts for each section and examples of good practices. ps im struggling to get rankings in google can you help

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