Here’s an example network information report from The Reaction Engine as of v3b1:

Test Result Note
Parent Site This (sub)domain ‘owns’ the content of the URI, and is the subject of the network tests below
IP IP addresses can identify site owners and connect seemingly unrelated sites
Location US Where a site is located affects its perceived audience, especially if it uses a non-regional domain name (e.g. .com)
Reverse Dns Reverse DNS usually identifies the ISP or company behind a website
Spam Blocklists Not listed Sites that send email spam are more likely to be spam themselves
Server Software gws Server software may be more (Apache) or less (IIS) configurable to improve performance

Now, you may ask, what’s the significance of this? Can this information really affect search engine performance?

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As the creator of an automated SEO tool, this may seem like a strange subject of choice, but if you use the The Reaction Engine and similar tools (SEO Workers is a good one) it’s important to understand the major benefits and conversely, the major limitations. Read the rest of this entry »